Greece. Ionian Islands

Greece. Ionian Islands

October, 2022 850€   215 miles

Lefkada, Nydri, Meganisi, Ithaca, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Lefkada, Lefkada

Greece is a storm of pleasures and a sea of ​​impressions! We invite you to go with us on a yacht trip to one of the most magical countries and enjoy a life full of pleasure!

You will have 7 days of sailing under snow-white sails with an experienced captain and his team. Touch the myths of ancient Greece, swim and sunbathe on the most beautiful beaches in Europe, enjoy the taste of feta, olives and wine! We have already set off with a crew on this Odyssey in October 2017/2018/2019 and this year, based on experience, we have created for you the most interesting and colorful route around the islands of the Ionian Sea.

We guarantee you will be delighted and feel the real taste of sea romance!

Day 1. Lefkada

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We start our journey by arriving at Lefkada Marina. Here we get acquainted with the yacht and the crew, we are instructed, we buy food and check in on the yacht. The city of Lefkada is the largest settlement and the capital of the Greek island of the same name. Economic and cultural center. You will get to the city of Lefkada almost immediately, as soon as you cross the bridge connecting the island with the western coast of mainland Greece. In fact, the city is the “gate” of the island of Lefkada.

Day 2. Meganisi Island

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Megasini is the pearl of the Lefkadia archipelago and is rightfully considered a resort island. A unique variety of bays and beaches, an abundance of caves, traditional villages, stylish cafes and bars, the cleanest ecology, beautiful views of the entire archipelago, celebrities of all stripes on their own yachts, hospitable and incredibly cheerful residents – all this harmoniously coexists within the framework of a small island that could very soon become the Greek version of Capri or Porto Cervo. The coastline of Meganisi in the north is quite indented. There are several natural harbors and many closed bays and bays. Crystal clear water and overgrown with olives and cypresses the slopes of the mountains surrounding the bays, invariably attract hundreds of traveling yachtsmen.

Day 3. Ithaca Island

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Ithaca is a small island with a mountainous terrain and comfortable bays, similar to an earthly paradise. The whole island is covered with dense forests and is unique. Due to the large number of beautiful bays and bays, snow-white sailing yachts are willingly moored here. The largest settlement of the island, as well as its capital, is the small town of Vathi, located on the hills of the narrow Molos Bay.

about. Ithaca is the birthplace of the legendary Odysseus. Many scholars claim that Odysseus’s home stood on a green hill overlooking Stavros, a fishing village located in the northern part of the island.

Day 4. Kefalonia Island

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Kefalonia, the largest of the Ionian Islands, is an ideal place for nature lovers and relaxation. Colorful villages and small towns; here you will see old aristocratic mansions, as well as “modest” rural villas, and a little further – the ruins of some ancient city. Kefalonia is famous for its amazing landscape diversity, unique caves and beaches. The air of Kefalonia is clean and transparent, and the number of sunny days per year is the largest in all of Greece.

Here we will visit the Melissani cave and the cave lake created from the tears of the Nymph.

Day 5. Zakynthos Island

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Zakynthos is the largest island in the Ionian group. Its soil is as fertile as the nature is beautiful: generous harvests of olives and grapes are harvested here. And in the evenings, locals hold concerts or festivals. You will be fascinated by their performance and outfits. Navagio Bay also has its own small historical landmark, which gave the bay a second name – Smugglers’ Bay. Tourists from all over the world are attracted by the huge cargo ship “Panagiotis”, dilapidated, rusting on the shore for several hundred years.

Visit to the beautiful bay of Navagio with a sunken ship.

Day 6. Lefkada Island

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Returning to Kefalonia, we will definitely visit the fishing village of Fiskardo, surrounded by greenery, with a beautiful bay and houses that have preserved the old architectural style. All the buildings of Fiskardo represent the real original architecture of the Ionian Islands, the houses have been restored and are used as hotels, and on the ground floors there are entirely souvenir shops and taverns. Tables are hospitably laid out on the embankment near the water, and along the entire village there are endless yachts, boats and again yachts and boats.

Here we are waiting for the most delicious honey in Greece and homemade wine. In the taverns you will be served the freshest fish, stewed rabbit, meat pie and sweets made from almonds and quince.

Day 7. Lefkada

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Delivery of the yacht in the marina. The way home.

The Ionian Islands are a true paradise, as beautiful as in the movies.

Travel conditions:

  • Prepayment of 50%
  • Full payment 1 month before departure.
  • The deposit is NOT refundable.
  • We pay for rent of yachts, air tickets, train tickets, transfers and other expenses in advance, long before the trip. Therefore, the prepayment or payment for the trip made by you is not refundable in case of your cancellation of the trip. We just can’t bring it back…
  • The only exception is if you transfer the right to travel to another person who will travel instead of you.

INCLUDED in the price

  • A week of adventure and life on a yacht;
  • Services of a professional skipper;
  • Bed sheets;
  • Yacht cleaning (final);
  • Outboard motor and optional inflatable boat.

NOT INCLUDED in the price

  • airfare from your home and back;
  • ship’s cash desk (food, fuel, parking. about 100-150 euros / person);
  • refundable deposit for the catamaran.


With whom can you go on a sea voyage? Can one?

It’s great if there are two of you, but if you go alone, you will definitely make new friends.

Will it be necessary to participate in the management of the yacht or do some work on board?

Optional. Our skipper will teach you everything you need if you want. And you want!

Is sea travel dangerous?

It’s not dangerous, but responsible! CREW on board. One for all and all for one!

Do you need a visa?

We need a visa of the country in whose waters we sail. For our European travels, a biometric foreign passport is sufficient.

Is it possible to take children on a sea voyage?

You can, a lot of people go with children.

Do you need insurance?

For all trips in Europe, we provide you with insurance for the duration of our trip. We are talking about sports insurance for yachting.

Do I need to pay the entire amount at once? If prepaid, how much?

Prepayment – 50%. Balance one month before departure. The prepayment is non-refundable (due to payment for the yacht rental at the time of booking). In the event of force majeure, such as the closure of borders due to quarantine, the payment is returned or the trip is rescheduled for another time.

How far in advance is it best to plan a trip?

Of course, it is better to plan 1-2-3 months before the trip.

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