October, 2022   €850   215 miles

Athens, Methana, about. Poros, oh Dokos, Ermioni, Fr. Hydra, Athens

Greece is the Mecca of yachting and there is no better way to experience this country than from the water. It takes your breath away when you stand on the ground, which has seen the thunder and lightning of Zeus, the antics of Odysseus and the parties of Dionysus. We went with the crew on this Odyssey in October 2017/2018/2019 and we can firmly say:

Greece does not promise, it screams pleasure. For the eyes, for the taste, for the body and memory. The unhurried rhythm of life, contagious idleness, the Mediterranean sun, myths, olives, feta, wine! Yacht.

And Greece is only YOURS.

Day 1. Athens

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From cold Kyiv we fly to the airport of Athens, take off our sweaters and take a comfortable bus to Alimos marina. On the way, we look at the Greek landscape, get used to the warm weather and endless olive orchards. In the marina we take the yacht at our disposal, get acquainted with the crew, the crew and settle down on the boat. In the evening we go to purchase products for our trip, after which we have dinner with our first Greek salad on the embankment of grandiose Athens.

Day 2. Methana

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Our first outing: in the morning we will have breakfast on the yacht, cheer up with coffee and go to the Methana peninsula. If you have long dreamed of learning how to sail a yacht, our captain will be able to explain, show, teach how to tack, set the mainsail or jib on the way. And if not, we will sunbathe on the deck and watch the sailing beauties passing by.

Methana is actually a volcano that has risen straight out of the sea.

Day 3. Poros Island


We are waiting for the wonderful city of Piraeus, it is located on the shores of the Aegean Sea. The purest blue waters beckon. We will definitely anchor in its bay and swim with fins, snorkel and swim to our heart’s content. And then we will go to Poros, an island in the southwestern part of the Saronic Gulf off the coast of the Peloponnese peninsula.

The coast is literally strewn with small white houses with tiled red roofs – the view from the water is unforgettable! We will rent ATVs and ride across the entire island, looking around, passing pine forests and mountain serpentines at sunset. We will swim on the other side of the coast, work up a brutal appetite and go to dinner with the freshest fish and shrimps on the embankment of the ancient Greek city.

Day 4. Poros

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Today we can linger a little on Poros to wander through its narrow, colorful streets, look into the archaeological museum, or simply and slowly drink coffee on the shore, soaking up the idle atmosphere of the south. The island has a fabulously beautiful lemon forest – it’s 30 thousand lemon and orange trees! Worth it to see.

Day 5. Dokos Island

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After lunch, we will sail to the deserted bay of Dokos Island, where we will spend the night at anchor. Only us, the sea, the Milky Way overhead instead of city lights, and the sound of splashing waves instead of music. We will be in silence, alone with nature. Bathing in the night, sparkling water… at this time of the year, the sea burns with billions of lights, you just have to touch it with your hand. This phosphoresces plankton, leaving an absolutely fabulous feeling and flickering sparks in deep darkness. Magic.

Day 6. Hydra Island

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We turn to the island, shrouded in ancient Greek myths. Hydra is an absolutely unique place! All transport consists of water taxis and … mules, since the use of motor vehicles is completely prohibited on the island – from a car to the smallest scooter. An integral part of Hydra’s life are cats, who carelessly and imposingly walk along the forest of yacht masts in a small marina.

This photogenic city must be explored far and wide! Whoever is not afraid of heights, we will climb with you to the hill where the oldest settlement of the island – Kafa is located: narrow streets, impressive mansions, old greengrocers, small hotels, and at the very top of the hill – 7 windmills and a breathtaking view of the unique Hydra.

Day 7. Athens

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Hydra is the last island on our sailing trip. We will say goodbye to him with a delicious breakfast, buy delicious olives for our relatives and go to the home marina – Alimos. In the evening it is worth going for a walk around the noisy Athens at night. Among the columns of an ancient civilization, life is seething – strings of bars, street musicians, the movement of cars, shoals of yawning tourists, lights, signs – all this merges into a vivid collage of impressions. Athens is not only about columns and forums. This is a city to fall into. But then find and return to the yacht, because tomorrow morning we will fly home.

Travel conditions:

  • Prepayment of 50%
  • Full payment 1 month before departure.
  • The deposit is NOT refundable.
  • We pay for rent of yachts, air tickets, train tickets, transfers and other expenses in advance, long before the trip. Therefore, the prepayment or payment for the trip made by you is not refundable in case of your cancellation of the trip. We just can’t bring it back…
  • The only exception is if you transfer the right to travel to another person who will travel instead of you.

Lagoon 42

  • Masks, snorkels, fins;
  • 4 double cabins;
  • 4 bathrooms;
  • Large boat with motor for landing.

INCLUDED in the price

  • A week of adventure and life on a catamaran;
  • Services of a professional skipper;
  • Bed sheets;
  • Catamaran cleaning (final);
  • Outboard motor and optional inflatable boat;
  • Transfer Airport-Marina-Airport.

NOT included in the price

  • airfare from your home to Athens and back;
  • ship’s cash desk (food, fuel, parking. about 100-150 euros / person);
  • refundable deposit for the catamaran.


With whom can you go on a sea voyage? Can one?

It’s great if there are two of you, but if you go alone, you will definitely make new friends.

Will it be necessary to participate in the management of the yacht or do some work on board?

Optional. Our skipper will teach you everything you need if you want. And you want!

Is sea travel dangerous?

It’s not dangerous, but responsible! CREW on board. One for all and all for one!

Do you need a visa?

We need a visa of the country in whose waters we sail. For our European travels, a biometric foreign passport is sufficient.

Is it possible to take children on a sea voyage?

You can, a lot of people go with children.

Do you need insurance?

For all trips in Europe, we provide you with insurance for the duration of our trip. We are talking about sports insurance for yachting.

Do I need to pay the entire amount at once? If prepaid, how much?

Prepayment – 50%. Balance one month before departure. The prepayment is non-refundable (due to payment for the yacht rental at the time of booking). In the event of force majeure, such as the closure of borders due to quarantine, the payment is returned or the trip is rescheduled for another time.

How far in advance is it best to plan a trip?

Of course, it is better to plan 1-2-3 months before the trip.

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